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Notice on Oce Classic Trading Platform Maintenance and Upgrade

     Dear Clients,

     To bring you a better investment experience, Oce Classic Trading Platform will be closed to maintain and upgrade until further notice.

     During the period, the platform mentioned above will be inaccessible and all services will be suspended. In order to make sure you can make investment as usual, please contact the online support agents before July 31,2017 to transfer the Oce Classic Trading Platform account balance to Pro Fast Trading Platform. You can still trade, inquire and do other business as usual there.

     We apologize for any inconvenience you may have. If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us online or by sending an email to

      FX77 OPTION
Posted on July 11,2017

FX77.COMFinancial instruments that offer binary options trading may not be suitable for all investors due to the volatility of underlying markets. Binary options themselves have high yields and may also have the risk of losing all of their deposits. Therefore, you should make sure that you understand the risk and/or risk tolerance and/or experience of investment products to determine whether or not to invest.